Improving crisis and situation information in Central Finland.

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Funder's project numberKSL/88/

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  • 22 350,00

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Project start date01/06/2020

Project end date31/10/2020


In this project, the Telia Crowd Insights service in Central Finland will be tested as a concrete measure.

-Telia CI system allows the postcode attached to a person's SIM card to be published anonymously for each base station if there are> 5 telephones in the base station area.
-The system can be used to monitor the number of out-of-town and out-of-county residents in the municipality.
-Acquire test SIM cards from Telia and develop and test them for sending alerts at municipal and provincial borders. (Today, laws do not yet allow this to be done, but in future contingency laws, this should be allowed)

Publication of results.
All data is published as open information (except for alerts), eg on municipalities' own pages, police, open data publication channels,

-The Azure's built-in learning environment and databases are ready to receive data, so there is no extra expense.
-The system provides situational awareness and data sets that can be used in a variety of ways by researchers, communities and companies from different perspectives: crisis, surveillance, transport, health, economy, development, migration, environment, mobility, etc.

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