The effects of the coronavirus pandemic on Central Ostrobothnia (Korona-Exit-KP)

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Funder's project number147/1201/2020,AKKE002

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Project start date01/06/2020

Project end date31/12/2020


The first objective of the project is a comprehensive description of the social impact of the crisis caused by the coronavirus (COVID-19) to Central Ostrobothnia and its various sectors. The second objective of the study is to outline a survival path for recovery from the corona crisis and related concrete proposals for action. The project is implemented as a cooperation project between the Regional Council of Central Ostrobothnia and Kokkola University Consortium Chydenius. The project will be supported by a voluntary network of experts and a steering group. The results of the project will be published openly by the University Consortium by the end of 2020. The content of the final report follows the content frame presented in the call for proposals (for the content themes, the person in charge of the theme at the University Consortium is indicated in brackets: JK = Jouni Kaipainen and OR = Olli Rosenqvist):
• An assessment of the impact of the coronavirus epidemic on key economic sectors in the province, especially for micro and SMEs. (JK)
• Estimate of the impact of the coronavirus epidemic on the region's export industry. (JK)
• Assessment of the effects of the coronavirus epidemic on employment / unemployment in different sectors and occupational groups and on the availability of skilled labour in the region. (OR)
• Assessment of the effects of the coronavirus epidemic on the municipal economy of the region. (OR)
• Estimate of the cost of the coronavirus epidemic to the regional social and health care system. (JK)
• Scenarios for the region’s recovery from the effects of the coronavirus epidemic. (JK)
• Recommendations or options for action to control and recover from the adverse effects of the coronavirus epidemic from the perspective of the region's municipal economy, social and health care system, business life and employment (JK and OR)

Further information: Jouni Kaipainen & Olli Rosenqvist

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