Executive Education as Strategy Practice: Lessons from History and Prospects for the Future (EXED)

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Project start date: 01/09/2020

Project end date: 31/08/2024


Executive education’s impact on the structural evolution of business and society is potentially enormous. In small societies (like Finland), entire business management generations have been and are shaped through executive education and training programs. Instructors of the programs teach the executives how to organize the world around us and offer sense-making tools to guide and help in various decision-making situations. When a company succeeds or fails, discussions often take place on business management practices and capabilities, yet the question of impact is broader as executive education typically concerns the elites of societies.
Regardless of the potential impact and societal importance of executive education and training, the industry itself has rarely been the object of academic research. It is worthy of asking, for what purposes organizations use executive education programs, why, and what are the longer-term results from these programs? Without systematic research, however, it is impossible to estimate the true meaning of executive education and training. The proposed research project is motivated by the lack of studies focused on long-term results and trends in executive education and training. The two research questions driving our research effort are as follows:
1. How and why executive education and training function as a tool for organizational change?
2. How and why has the executive education changed over time?

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