Regionally tailored higher education studies (ARKO)

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Funder's project numberS22236

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  • 43 312,00

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Project start date01/10/2020

Project end date31/07/2023


Project aims to develop a model for regionally adapted offering for higher education that can answer swiftly and cost efficiently to the local needs fro knowledge. The model should also contain suitable measures to support part time studies for working students in order to reduce the drop outs due to lacking counseling or other study related challenges.

The project will develop, document and pilot a model for regionally tailored offering of higher education for regions like the Savonlinna area. To develop the model:
Data about the competence needs of the local companies and other target groups is collected and analyzed
Existing offering of education is scrutinized and orchestrated to build suitable syllabus to meet the local needs
Practices for joint implementation of tailored education will be developed.
The most common skill gaps are identified and relevant tailored modules designed
The concept for joint implementation of tailored human development programmes is designed
The new model for entering higher education will be documented, covering student recruitment, marketing and local councelling

The new mode will be piloted with ICT education that integrates the open university education (including systemic collaboration with secondary education), open university based entry procedures to higher education, support of distance mode studying in higher education, local support for integrating studying with working life and employer based intensive trainings.

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