Limits of mobility - concrete and imagined mobility in the long 19th century

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Project start date01/11/2020

Project end date31/08/2021


The project focuses on concrete and imagined ("fictional") mobility and its limits in the long nineteenth century. Definitely, the 19th century was an era when moving and mobility in general went through an enormous change. The way of moving and the improvements in transport systems, among others, went through an enormous change. This change is usually associated also with the change of people's mindset. In our research project we aim to provide a more detailed background for this kind of change by taking into account the control of mobility, the ways of mobility and actual (physical) mobility as well as cultural mobility by which we mean the spread of ideas and influences via literature and art.
The main questions proposed in the research project are:
- why and how mobility was controlled? By whom?
- how and why people moved? What motivated mobility?
- how mobility was displayed in (fictional) literature and its rationalities?

The project, which will rely on a wide variety of source material, will shed more light on the mobility and its limits in the context of northern Baltic Sea region.

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