The politics and ideologies of multilingual writing (PIM)

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Project start date: 01/01/2021

Project end date: 30/06/2023


The sociolinguistic landscapes of the Nordic countries have diversified as a result of both needs-driven mobility and freedom of movement within the EU, which has led to an increasing number of citizens who do not have the national majority language as their mother tongue. Writing in a certain language or languages has long been intertwined with questions of mobility, audience design and identity, but in today’s digitalised and searchable world, questions pertaining to legitimate language uses can gain new dimensions in connection to citizenship. Our proposed workshop series and the consequent research project aims to address the following overarching research question:
• How are languages of writing politicized and legitimized in individual and institutional settings?
Our aim is to focus on the process and trajectory of writing for publication by multilingual authors and/or in multilingual settings. Unlike previous research which focused on academic, journalistic, and creative writing as separate domains, we aim to bring together researchers working in different but related fields dealing with language, media and literary studies, history of ideas, and education.
Our main focus will be on academic, literary and other new and emergent written genres in the fields of language and literary studies, where the issues surrounding the legitimacy of language use are particularly pronounced.
In our workshops, we will focus on questions of legitimacy, literacy practices surrounding knowledge production, translocality, translingualism, belonging and identity, and the marketisation and commodification of "knowledge society". These analytical frameworks will provide a basis for thematic workshops in which our network participants will present and discuss their work in progress.
The two main outcomes of these workshops will be 1) a thematic special journal issue or edited volume, and 2) a joint research project funding application. We plan to invite two external experts in the field to act as keynote speakers and discussants at the planned workshops, as detailed below:

1. Translocality, translingualism and multilingual writing (May 2021) Stockholm
2. Belonging and identity in multilingual writing (Oct 2021) Jyväskylä
3. Language and commodification of writing and publishing (May 2022) Copenhagen

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