Natural Antivirals: Fungal derived non-toxic products against infective viruses

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Funder's project number: 42488/31/2020

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Project start date: 01/01/2021

Project end date: 31/12/2022


Viral infections are amongst the most common diseases affecting people worldwide. New viruses
emerge all the time and presently we have limited number of vaccines to combat viral diseases.
Non-enveloped viruses such as enteroviruses, rotaviruses and norovirus are very stable viruses
with presently no non-toxic means of decontamination. There is a great need to develop safe and
broadly acting virus killing, i.e. antiviral ingredients and consumer products to be used as a first
line defense against infections.
Our research has identified crude fungal liquid fermentation products (without any concentration or fragmentation steps) and hemicellulose, both having separately and combined, efficient
virucidal effects against different enteroviruses even at high virus concentrations, and without toxicity to human cells. In addition to enteroviruses, our tests have shown efficacy also to other
groups of viruses, such as non-enveloped rotavirus, enveloped zika-virus, and most recently also
coronavirus, indicating that our natural products act as broad-range antivirals.
The products have a potential to be used as a) novel liquid non-toxic surface and hand sanitizer, and b) ingredients in cosmetic products. These innovative products respond to the need of safe
and nature-derived green options to safely inactive and reduce the transmission of infective enteroviruses of public health importance.
The project focuses on the most promising business area of disinfectants and antiviral ingredients for cosmetic products for daily use.

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