Technostress and the future of work: Working with robots and intelligent systems

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Funds granted by main funder (€)

  • 200 000,00

Project timetable

Project start date: 01/08/2021

Project end date: 31/07/2024


Technostress refers to the situation of stress that an individual experiences due to her or his use of technology. As technological changes will transform work practices in the future, workers interactions with complex robots and intelligent systems will become a key area for determining how tomorrow’s work is shaped. Such interactions are expected to create many instantiations of technostress. However, technostress has remained unaddressed in the context of robots and intelligent systems. The goal of this project is to understand how technostress emerges in the context of working with robots and intelligent systems by collecting data about workers' technostress experiences. New knowledge on this area can help workers and organizations to improve work productivity and well-being in the future.

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