Validating if IgA is a good candidate for use in point-of-care diagnostics (NEWPOC)

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Project start date: 01/03/2017

Project end date: 28/02/2018


The World Health Organization (WHO) recommends early detection and treatment of diseases to avoid development of multiple chronic conditions in individuals. However, at least 3.6 billion individuals in the world lack access to essential healthcare tools and services (WHO; O’Niel Institute). In order to, prevent chronic conditions, better diagnostics are needed, in particular point-of-care platforms. Point-of-care (POC) diagnostics provides real-time results in a non-laboratory situation to establish a more patient-centered approach to healthcare management. Consequently, clinicians can delivery real-time predictive, personalized, and pre-emptive treatment protocols for the patient. POC stresses prevention, early detection of diseases, and management of multiple chronic conditions. This project is aimed at providing evidence on if IgA antibody from sera, salva, etc could be use in POC diagnostics platforms. Patient samples will be collected from several different hospitals, clinics, laboratories, and clinicians specialized in the treatment of Lyme disease and associated diseases in Finland. In addition, samples will be received from Germany (ArminLabs) and from USA (Dr. M.D. Ralph Stricker, California). Both foreign collaborators have ethical approvals for the sample collection and usage in Finland (ethical approval numbers 95.10-5661-7066 and USMA201441 WIRB Protocol #20141439, respectively). Simultaneously, we have applied from Keski-Suomen Sairaanhoitopiirin (Ksshp) to include also this work.
In addition to this, we intend to develop a microfluidic lab-on-a-chip (LOC) device that will ensure easy, effective, and early point-of-care (POC) antibody testing for multiple microbes and diseases stages, simultaneously. Integration of antigens for tick-borne diseases, and the LOC POC will test for IgG, IgM and IgG simultaneously.

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