Information spread in online social media (ISOSM)

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Funder's project number: FA9550-17-1-0030

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  • 149 113,00

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Project start date: 15/03/2017

Project end date: 14/03/2020


The goal of the present research is to study viral information spread occurring
in social media sites. This phenomenon is referred to as information cascades. The pro-
posed study will investigate properties of massive real world information cascades, collected
from social media site Speci fically, a set of metrics for quantitative description of
cascades (such as size, speed, and depth) is going to be introduced; then effect of individ-
ual nodes and cohesive groups on these metrics is going to be analyzed. Part of the aim
of this research is to formulate critical nodes detection problem with regard to minimiza-
tion of various metrics of information cascades, and develop the method for its efficient
Overall, the present research will combine methodologies used in operations research
with computer science methods, and validate the results using large sets of real world social
media data.

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