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Funder's project number: 7387/31/2016

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Project start date: 01/01/2017

Project end date: 30/06/2019


The landscape of Human-Technology Interaction (HTI) is changing. In the near future technical artefacts can carry out actions, which have previously been typical to only for people as they have required higher cognitive action. Examples of such processes are concept formation, decision making, inference and problem solving. The new types of technical systems are called autonomous as they are by large independent from their users with respect to higher cognitive processes such as decision making and thinking instead of mere perceptual motor processes (Saariluoma 2015).

Autonomous systems are technical devices or computer programs or simply artefacts, which can perform complex information processing tasks with minimal human control (Antsaklis, Passino and Wang 1991, Brooks 1997, Convrigaru and Lindsay 1991, Kramer and Scheutz 2007). Such systems typically have advanced capacities to learn from their environment as well as from other autonomous systems (Thomaz and Breazel 2007). They also have a capacity for independent contextual and situational awareness, decision-making and problem solving (Endsley 2012, Kalenka and Jennings 1999, Schilit, Hilbert and Trevor 2002). Typical examples are cars, shipping technologies or ships. Evidently, technologies with such capacities are quickly becoming common in all industries (ADD 2012). refurbished.
HTI forms one important challenge in designing autonomous systems (Saariluoma 2015). Since these autonomous systems are to some degree spontaneous and consequently unpredictable to their users and use, it is essential to extensively consider the human dimension of autonomous systems to maximally benefit from their new capacities as well as to avoid different kinds of new risks necessarily associated to practical usage of these new types of technologies. In this plan, by solving practical problems of industries a holistic system for managing HTI design processes for autonomous systems shall be developed.

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