Upgrades of Research Infrastructure at JYFL-­ACCLAB

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Project start date: 01/01/2017

Project end date: 31/12/2019


The Accelerator Laboratory of the University of Jyväskylä (JYFL-­ACCLAB) is one of the leading stable-­ion beam facilities in Europewhich offers very versatile, flexible and open use of the research infrastructure for its international user community. JYFL-­ACCLAB isknown for high efficiency in operation (more than 6000 beam on target hours annually) and high quality stable ion beams. These stableion beams are exploited at various experimental stations for studies
and discoveries at the forefront of nuclear, materials and atomic science. In addition, a significant fraction of the beam time is devotedto various applications and commercial services.
In order to maintain the high standards of operation and further strengthen the international leadership position of JYFL-­ACCLAB viarenewal of experimental techniques, major and continued investment in the existing infrastructure is required. Some components of JYFL-­ACCLAB are over twenty years old and in dire need of replacement with modern equipment. Alongside such equipment acquisitions, the experimental teams at JYFL-­ACCLAB develop state-­of-­the-­art instrumentation to enable forefront studies. The present project is a blend of such equipment acquisitions. In order to maintain effective use of the IGISOL facility, the ageing rootsarray must be replaced. In order to remove reliance on loaned detectors and to improve the efficiency for gamma-­ray spectroscopystudies, an array of germanium detectors will be developed for use at the MARA and IGISOL facilitiesAs part of the JYFL-­ACCLAB contribution to the pan-­European AGATA project, a highly-­segmented germanium detector will be builtand tested. A unique extension to the Helium Ion Microscope is also proposed, in which an Auger electron detector will be used toallow element-­specific analysis. Further modifications to the experimental hall will be made and a beam line for Nuclear Reactionstudies will be built. The upgraded Nuclear Reactions facility will have applications, for example in the field of radioisotope productionfor use in the medical industry.
Overall, the present project will enhance and ensure the competitiveness of the JYFL-­ACCLAB research infrastructure and itscontribution to nuclear, atomic and materials science and accelerator-­based applications.

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