Associations between Move! - Monitoring and feedback System for physical functional capacity and Finnish students’ physical performance, physical activity engagement, and motivation in physical education

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Funder's project number: OKM/61/626/2016, 70/626/2017, 76/626/2018

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Project start date: 01/04/2017

Project end date: 30/06/2021


The Move! - Monitoring and Feedback System of Physical Functioning Capacity - is a new innovation to contribute students’ motor skills, physical fitness and physical activity engagement in Finnish physical education. The Move! ties together school physical education and health care and contributes interaction on students’ well-being between school and homes. The Move! system will be obligatory for all Grade 5 and 8 students in new physical education curriculum starting at 2016. It is noteworthy that previous international studies have produced very controversial information whether fitness/motor performance testing has positive or negative association on student motivation, affect and behaviour. The aim of this study project is to investigate students’ motivational and affective experiences of Move! measurements, and to analyse the role of the Move! system as positive contributor of students to develop their physical functioning capacity and physical activity engagement. More specifically, we investigate 1) students’ psychological needs, motivational regulations, motivational climate, enjoyment and anxiety during Move! testing classes in physical education, and 2) whether manipulation of motivational climate of Move! testing class by task-involving features has an effect on students’ motivation, enjoyment, and anxiety, and 2) the association of the Move! system with the development of students’ physical functioning capacity, physical activity engagement as well as motivation and positive affect toward physical activity during one academic year. This study also aims to analyse the use and experiences of PE teachers, school nurses and doctors and parents of the Move! system. This study contributes to the field by providing information on children and adolescents’ motivation, behaviour, and affect in physical test situations in physical education. Additionally, this project produces information on how multilevel intervention implemented at schools (Move!) can influence students’ behavioural patterns and motivation towards physical activity engagement. This study also helps to develop the whole Move! system further and develop PETE program and in-service training by giving information on teaching practices how to organize motivating Move! testing sessions.

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