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CHER 2017 Conference, August 28 - 30

Annual Conference of the Consortium of the Higher Education Researchers

Universities as political institutions - HEIs in the middle of academic, economic, and social pressures

The 30th Annual Consortium of Higher Education Researchers (CHER) conference will focus on multiple and often complex relations and relationships, internal and external, to higher education institutions. In this context, political refers not only to definitions, uses, and users of power but more broadly to a variety of relationships among different actors and agencies responsible for making, executing, or resisting decisions concerning HEIs.

The conference aims to open fresh perspectives to HEIs as political institutions consisting of a variety of conflicting definitions and practices on how to organise, plan, and implement academic and managerial decisions and processes. Similar variety may occur with the multiple relationships HEIs have in their networks, formal agreements, and practical cooperation with the actors and agencies of surrounding societies.

The conference tracks will include the following ones: academic work and workers; leadership and management; teaching and learning; students - experience, admission and outcome; HEIs in society.

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