SA profilointi 2 (2016-2020) (SA Profilointi (2015-2019))

Main funder

Funds granted by main funder (€)

3 727 000,00

Funding program

Research profiles, AoF (Academy of Finland)

Project timetable

Project start date: 01/04/2016

Project end date: 30/11/2020


JYU Profiling includes three research areas, which have been identified to represent the focus areas of the university. A) The JyU applied language studies builds on the following core areas in the current research strategies of the Dept. of Languages (1) language learning and teaching and (2) discourse studies, and the Centre for Applied Language Studies (3) language assessment, (4) language learning and literacy practices, and (5) language education policies. B) Interdisciplinary molecular nanoscience at the JyU Nanoscience Center (NSC) and C) Physical activity, health and wellbeing all are included in the topic of Physical ACTivity through life-Span (PACTS).

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