Business Growth from IoT (Business Growth from IoT)

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Project start date: 01/01/2017

Project end date: 31/03/2019


Internet is changing towards the Internet of Things concept (IoT), where almost all devices are connected to the network.
In addition, various services which are still delivered through physical access points, move to the Internet. The
same trend is also apparent in vehicles turning into service platforms, industrial equipment and plants. This requires
sensors, embedded platforms, wireless and wired data transmission, software, databases, and related control
mechanisms. Information about the collected data, devices, and the environment can be stored in the cloud, where it
can be analysed. The analysis can utilise other sources of Big Data and data analysis solutions in order to draw
conclusions and improve the data gathering and analysis cycle. In addition, data security is one of the major industrial challenges on IoT- solutions. Thus, the cyber threats and requirements for research and development of cyber security are constantly expanding.
Because of the continuous change in the information society, we need also IoT development environments adapted to meet the real-world changes and developments. At the same time, it is necessary to produce and develop business development and testing services for the industry and offer support that enables them to respond to continuous changes in the business environment. The main drivers of the future electricity market, the increasing use of renewable natural resources, as well as changes in intelligent electricity networks enable new type of working. The aim is to improve economic, technical and social efficiency of using large-scale renewable energy. The existing free and commercial solutions can serve as tools for the development of new products. However, they are often just partial solutions – we need a comprehensive, easy-to-deploy development platform for IoT products.
The needs and the current state of the field were studied with the representatives of the energy and the ICT sector.
We found that by utilizing the latest technology it is possible to solve some of the challenging aspects on transferring
energy at different stages of the supply chain. These solutions are needed e.g. for increasing energy efficiency and
reducing logistics costs. The project will achieve the following results:
1. A platform and concepts for IoT product development, piloting, and demonstration activities have been developed
and deployed. The platform will be used in the development of IoT solutions for various industries during and after the
2. The piloted secure IoT solutions for more efficient use of renewable energy. The existing and / or entirely new IoT
solutions will be developed and will be piloted based on the needs of business.
3. New solutions to analyse and exploit Big Data has been developed. The project will develop secure analysis
methods for large amounts of data from various sensors in order to control production and vehicle systems to function optimally.
4. In the addition project’s result will give more detailed overall cyber security vulnerabilities related to the IoT devices
and thus we can develop better mechanisms to protect different devices against attacks.

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