SINNE - Smart Information Network for Enviromental Monitoring (SINNE)

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Funder's project number: A71203

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Project start date: 01/12/2015

Project end date: 15/12/2018


Globally, the concern of environmental pollutants has risen dramatically in the recent years and the same concern can
also be seen in more local scale as well. The two issues that mostly affect citizens’ everyday lives are the quality of the
air they breathe and the excess of environmental noise they hear. In production facilities, these problems are often
essential, as well as in the vicinity of the buildings and inside the facilities.
Production facilities in the area often have obligations to follow their own doings using different environmental studies.
In many cases, these studies are made as simple calculations of estimates and using long period averages, which
may lead to the fact that the actual result may differ dramatically from the results got using several locations and realtime
The aim of the project is to demonstrate, pilot and study intelligent, scalable (wireless), air quality and noise
measuring system, which real-time functionality and reliable data transfer must be able to guarantee in changing and challenging conditions, as well as the network and the amount of transferred data increases. To improve the system
functionalities the aim is to design and implement the frequency band calculation to the CinetNoise measurement
system. The system designed to include the prevailing weather conditions, air quality measurements (PM10, PM2.5,
NO2, O3, UV) and noise sensors operate in the same application. The project will implement measurement pilots in
different environments (market place, industry, transportation area) together with the stakeholders. The measurement
results must be in simply presentable format and one objective of the project is to create an interface, in which, the
measures data is visually easy to understand and the measurement results are displayed in real-time to the citizens.
The project will create an area-based environmental measurement network for the use of companies and the
environmental authorities. The network is easy to move wireless system, which combines a number of environment
measurements (noise, weather, particles, NO2, UV, O3). It provides indicative information for more detailed laboratory
measurements (fugitive emissions). The system provides a significant improvement to real-time air quality and noise
level measurements and monitoring and the final system is able to recognize the different sound frequencies and to
indicate the direction of the noise source.
Environmental awareness among the citizens using the open application increases and the environmental authorities
as well as the companies knowledge of new measurement methods and opportunities of them improves.

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