How the Political Became Personal. Feminism in Practice in Finland.

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Project start date01/09/2015

Project end date31/08/2018


In the research project “How Political Became Personal. Feminism in Practice in Finland” I study the second-wave feminist movement in Finland through ethnography and oral history by examining the life stories of the proponents of the movement. My research questions are: how and why were individual feminists inspired by feminist ideology and action? How have they conceptualized and practiced feminism in their lives? How have they constructed and maintained a feminist identity? How do they discuss feminism and their lives as feminists? The object of the research is to find the discourses, identities, and practices that the new feminist movement consists of at the micro level in private life as well as at the public level of grassroots activism. The object of the research is to critically review, in the Finnish context, on the basis of an empirical micro level research, the theories on how feminism as social movement has emerged, what has fueled it, what are its ‘waves’ or ‘ripples’ and how it has been practiced since the 1960s.

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