KEXRI - The Central Finland XR Innovation Ecosystem (KEXRI)

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Funder's project numberA77031

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  • 47 123,00

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Project start date01/05/2021

Project end date30/06/2023


KEXRI - Central Finland XR Innovation Ecosystem joins local business, R&D, and education organisations to seek sustainable solutions and create business opportunities and education innovations. The XR innovation ecosystem will be co-created during the project on both physical and virtual dimensions.
The results of the project are as follows:
1. Virtual environment for the Innovation ecosystem environment; a platform for the centre of expertise and an operating environment for business, development and education.
2. Development and training of services to support activities in XR environments; and availability of XR-related services through virtual reality (education and research services, employment and entrepreneurial services, XR hubs.
3. Formation of an XR centre of expertise to share knowledge, construct joint expertise, co-innovate, facilitate collaboration and make encounters happen.
4. Information and knowledge on the XR competence and competence needs of companies and other actors in the area, to create a vision guiding the development and use of XR technologies in the future.
5. New policies, models and competences are created to improve the performance of local XR-experts (XR reality service design and facilitation, training products and education export, XR events, XR Guidebook for organisations

Benefits for the regional actors include improved performance and new business opportunities and services; and stronger collaboration for business, education and third sector. New domain of expertise will be created in the province and the new sector will create employment and entrepreneurial opportunities, the virtual operating environment allows for a global customer base. The partnerships between research, education and innovation actors will improve the accumulation of knowledge and capabilities and, thus, the increase of research and innovation capacity. The centre of expertise will become an internationally significant, pioneering innovation ecosystem. It will contribute, in line with sustainable development, to continuity in the emergence of new products and innovations; identifying training needs and contributing to the development of new educational products. Finally, operations in the XR environment will reduce the impact of travel. The declining need for mobility also results in a halt to site-dependent activities and the polarisation of regions.

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