Advanced Computational and Statistical Techniques for Biomonitoring and Aquatic Ecosystem Service Management (DETECT)

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Funder's project number289076

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Project start date01/09/2015

Project end date31/08/2018


The loss of aquatic biodiversity and associated Ecosystem Services is one of the most pressing problems on Earth. Sophisticated biomonitoring programs have therefore been established to understand patterns and identify drivers of biodiversity loss. We develop the use of advanced techniques in signal and image processing, computer vision, data mining, and statistics which can be used to solve issues related to human error and cost efficiency of taxa identification. The combination of individual research efforts in this highly interdisciplinary effort will subsequently be used to renovate a classical and partly outdated process to assess a specimen’s taxonomic identity, and related data acquisition. The novel computational advances made during this project can thus directly be put in action and will facilitate cost-effective biomonitoring and promote reliable aquatic ecosystem service management on a global scale.

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