Nature environment as resource for occupational well-being and work performance

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Funder's project number: 115432

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Project start date: 01/01/2016

Project end date: 31/08/2018


Aims of the research:
The main aim of the research project is to generate new information regarding the effectiveness of nature-assisted group intervention in promoting occupational well-being and work performance as well as working models for linking nature assisted interventions as a part of occupational health services. This is a new perspective for applying nature-assisted interventions in occupational health services and Finnish working life. During the research project, we also investigate the frequency of employees’ activities in nature environment and their association with occupational well-being.

The research project has three phases. In the first phase (Spring 2016), we conduct a survey to investigate the extent to which employees’ use nature environment as a resource for their occupational well-being and work performance, as well as to investigate the associations between nature-based activities and occupational well-being. In the second phase (Autumn 2016 – Spring 2017), we conduct an intervention study to investigate the impact of nature-assisted intervention on employee occupational well-being and work performance. In the third phase (Autumn 2017), we conduct an interview study to investigate the experiences of occupational health professionals in utilising nature environment in promoting occupational well-being.

The use and application of the results:
Our research project promotes employee occupational well-being through the investigation of the occupational well-being benefits of nature environment and their application in occupational health services. The theories explaining the benefits of nature environments are yet to be utilised in occupational health services and their utilisation would require more detailed knowledge and understanding of methods and theory in the field. The nature-assisted group intervention aims to promote employees’ positive attitudes towards participating in regular activities in nature environment and taking advantage of nature’s health promoting effects as a resource for occupational well-being also after the intervention. We consider employee occupational well-being extensively in order to get a comprehensive picture of the usefulness and applicability of nature-assisted intervention in the work of occupational health professionals. In the research project, we also assess the applicability of the nature-assisted intervention in occupational health services and develop the nature-assisted intervention in collaboration with the occupational health services to be used with individuals and groups.

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