eAMK. The New Ecosystems of Learning. (eAMK)

Main funder

Funder's project numberOKM/169/523/2016

Funds granted by main funder (€)

  • 66 612,00

Funding program

Project timetable

Project start date01/05/2017

Project end date31/12/2019


The goal of the project is to develop the pedagogical practices of higher education in collaboration with high-quality partners in working life.

More precisely, the project is designed to develop ecosystems on the bordeline of higher education and working life and create innovative practices that are based on shared digital study platforms, a work-based pedagogy, and thus enhance the working life competences of students as well as their well-being.

In order to reach these aims, the project is divided into four themes:

1) Developing digital study platforms

2) Analyzing and benchmarking good ecosystems for work-based learning

3) Digitalisation of pedagogical practices of higher education

4) Management, coordination and communication

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