STEAM UPGRADE - Upgrading pre- and in-service teachers’ digital skills with online STEAM hands-on training modules (STEAM UPGRADE)

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Funder's project number2020-KA203-08 / 2020-1-EE01-KA203-077987

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  • 74 596,00

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Project start date01/09/2020

Project end date31/08/2023


The main aim of this project is to increase the digital skills of pre- and in-service teachers (hereafter: teachers) in all stages of basic education. We will provide the teacher-education students and teachers with different STEAM skills for enhancing their disciplines with technology, for example with digital learning platforms, apps supporting both subject-based and multidisciplinary learning, key competence development, educational robotics, sensors, virtual and augmented reality applications, electronic and mechatronic environments, digital and hands-on modeling, 3D-printing or using statistics. Teachers will learn to use these tools for integrating technology-enhanced teaching methods into their practices and for influencing the learning outcome of their students.

The interactive training modules designed in this project will be arranged into collections available to kindergarten, primary school, and secondary school teachers. These collections will be available in national learning design repositories. Each collection will hold digital interactive learning designs based on interactive exercise templates of free community-based content collaboration platforms, e.g. H5P and GeoGebra.

The content of the learning designs comprises discussions about wider social challenges, proposing different solutions for these problems. Multiple STEAM tools and artificial intelligence-based augmented-reality game solutions will be used for presenting, visualizing, modeling and prototyping possible problems. The employed tools are described and the general terms (e.g. sensors, machine learning, algorithm, etc.) are explained. The social challenges for the learning designs will take into consideration inclusive education, sustainable lifestyle, creativity and talent, human rights and linguistic diversity.

The focus of our program is improving the digital skills of teachers because they are essential for the successful introduction of any type of educational innovation that is related to technology-enhanced learning and teaching. Also, our program will focus on changes in teachers’ knowledge. We expect that after using the developed on-line training modules, a measurable change should take place in the participants’ digital competencies related to using technology in teaching and learning.

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Profiling areaMultidisciplinary research on learning and teaching (University of Jyväskylä JYU) MultiLeTe

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