Human induced trans-generational stress tolerance and invasion success

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Project start date01/09/2017

Project end date30/09/2022


Human induced changes on Earth mark the new geological era, anthropocene. Despite the ongoing sixth mass extinction, we witness the success and rapid spread of some organisms into new areas. The success of invasive species may result from their excellent ability to adapt to varying conditions. Alternatively human activities improve their adaptability because we assist dispersal, maintain stressful environments, and select their stress resistance. This project aims to assess the human contribution for the development of stress resistance. We are going to estimate the relative roles of genetic background, trans-generational effects and human induced selection on stress tolerance. The relative importance of these factors will be assessed by implementing causal statistical analysis of multivariate data which will give us also tools to further improve experimental designs. Our results will serve both basic research and improve sustainable implementation of invasive species strategy.

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