Competitive funding to strengthen universities’ research profiles. Profiling actions at the JYU, round 3 (Profi3)

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Funder's project number311877

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  • 4 600 000,00

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Project start date01/04/2017

Project end date30/11/2021


The mission of JYU is to conduct significant, world-class research in its core fields and to train competent, motivated experts who possess lifelong learning skills in various fields. JYU interacts with society in an active and responsible manner in regional, national and international contexts. The JYU vision is to be an internationally renowned multidisciplinary research university and one of the world’s leading universities in the fields of learning and teaching by the year 2030. Three of the identified emerging fields are linked to the next profiling measures of JYU detailed in this proposal. Even though they were identified as emerging fields they all, in fact, are either in-built in the University’s previous profiling areas and/or can be found among the core fields as has been specified in the strategy of JYU.

Profiling measures, Profi3 (2017-2021)
* Brain changes across the life-span – the role of growth environments, self-regulation and physical activity (BRAIN)
* Decision analytics utilizing causal models and multiobjective optimization (DEMO)
* Crises redefined: Historical continuity and societal change (CRISES)

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Profiling areaMultidisciplinary research on learning and teaching (University of Jyväskylä JYU) MultiLeTeSchool of Wellbeing (University of Jyväskylä JYU) JYU.Well

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