Comparative study of wellness consumption of Finnish and Russian spa tourists

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Project start date: 01/01/2016

Project end date: 31/12/2017


In my dissertation project I examine the phenomenon of wellness through the lens of Finnish wellness tourists in Estonia and Russian wellness tourists in Finland. Wellness is a phenomenon of contemporary society associated with health related lifestyles and commercialised health-care practices. Wellness has become an essential part of today’s leisure and tourism industry which makes it an interesting theme for research in the context of transnational healthcare studies. The study compares Russian and Finnish wellness users’ views, attitudes, and motives concerning wellness and health-related consumption. The study seeks to understand the sociocultural dimensions of wellness that are likely to affect the way wellness is practiced in people’s daily lives as well as in the travel destination. Data will be collected using qualitative (group interviews, observation, and in-depth interviews) and quantitative (online-survey) methods. Interviews are conducted in spa environments, which are popular wellness tourism destinations. Online-surveys (both in Russian and Finnish language) are collected in cooperation with the chosen spa destinations and Finnish travel agencies.

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