Digital learning game BabyTrail: Intervention research

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Project start date: 01/09/2017

Project end date: 28/02/2019


The aims of the study are to find out: 1) does gamified family education reach present-day families, 2) Does it match to the families´ needs of support and 3) Does it diversify ongoing family training in municipalities. The purpose of the study is to pilot the BabyTrail – edugame as a part of ongoing family education and to find out how the first-time parents experience gamified family education and what the benefits of the game are. Furthermore, the study examines how professionals evaluate the benefits and developing needs of the game and whether BabyTrail has an impact on family wellbeing, co-parenting and parent-child relationship.
BabyTrail – edugame will be tested at least in two municipalities in Northern Finland and at least in 2 municipalities in Central Finland as a part of ongoing family education. Participants will be randomized to intervention and control – groups by municipalities. Intervention group parents (=50) will play BabyTrail – edugame between the family education sessions, before and after the birth of a child. Control group parents (=50) will participate to established family education and they will get BabyTrail – edugame after intervention study. The BabyTrail edugame will be implemented in family services as part of the LAPE (the Programme to address child and family services).

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