Promoting Execellence in Teaching and Learning in Azerbaijani Universities (PETRA)

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Funder's project number573630-EPP-1-2016-1-

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  • 64 345,00

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Project start date01/10/2016

Project end date14/04/2020


Promoting Excellence in Teaching and Learning at Azerbaijani Universities (PETRA)
will contribute to the improvement of the learning and teaching process within the
university and across universities in Azerbaijan.
The concept of promoting learning and teaching excellence presents a significant contribution
to improvement of student learning and teaching competence in particular
and to quality education in general. Although the project does not deal with curriculum
reform, it will influence the improvement of the curriculum indirectly.
Preliminary analysis shows that learning and teaching excellence could be realized
with coordinated actions in the following directions:
- Significant improvement in teacher training and development
- Establishing a systematic control mechanism over the learning and teaching process
in educational institutions (including leading universities that take responsibility to
promote teaching and learning excellence in Azerbaijan);
- Improving the quality of teaching and learning by developing research competence,
developing and training teachers, enhancing instructional technology, and supporting
the process with experience sharing and learning opportunities.

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