The Parallel Poetics of Experimentality. Textual, Multimodal and Transmedial Experimentations in 2010's Finnish Children's Literature

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Project start date: 01/06/2017

Project end date: 31/05/2018


The post-doctoral research examines different forms and functions of literary experimentality in 2010’s Finnish children’s and young adult literature. The research searches for alternative or parallel ways of reading and interpretation, and underneath interfaces between different literary genres. Furthermore, the research seeks to develop means to sketch out the formation of both textual and visual narration and their interaction in different mediums. Experimentality is examined from narratological, multimodal and transmedial point of view. The focus is, on the one hand, on language and narration: how linguistic and narrative choices and experimentations build the literary work as a whole and its meanings. On the other hand, the research studies fundamental cooperation and interaction between text, illustrations and other visual elements that highlight the materiality of the literary work (e.g. text typography and layout). The main research questions are:

What kind of interpretative and thematical potential is included in the experimental devices, and what kind of functions do they have? How does multimodality and transmediality extend and revise the field of children’s literature? Can textual, visual and formal experimentality have some kind of didactic function?

By means of thematising and contextualizing close reading and narratological analysis the research aims to sketch out a phenomenon named as the parallel poetics of experimentality, and tests a hypothesis on children’s literature as a kind of playground of experimental devices. The research method is both analytic and descriptive: a detailed text analysis is combined to in-depth readings of the texts.

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