Transnational Networks: Explaining Soviet contacts with the West (research costs, jatko)

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Project start date: 01/09/2017

Project end date: 31/12/2019


This project examines Soviet transnational networks with the West from the end of the WWII until mid-1980s. Focus is fixed on Soviet intelligentsia, particularly artists and networks they established. After Stalin's death, Soviet Union expanded its presence in the international arena, sent its artists all around the world for extensive tours and participated in international events. Simultaneously, interaction with the world expanded with tourism to the West and similar measures, which gave many Soviet citizens a chance to engage with their western colleagues and friends. This project is interested in these networks than transcended the East-West division.Cold War era is often remembered through conflicts and juxtaposition of hostile governments. This project studies East-West relations beneath the governmental level, how people and different groups interacted and what were the implications of these networks.

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