Environmental studies in the River Gullspång and the River Rottnan 2017−2018 (Gullspång Rottan 2017-2018)

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Project start date: 13/11/2017

Project end date: 31/07/2018


The size of the spawning stocks of threatened landlocked Atlantic salmon and lake-migrating brown trout are estimated by redd counting in the River Gullspång, which flows to Lake Vänern. The fish species of redds is identified by dna analysis of eggs sampled from redds.
In the tributaries to Lake Rottnen in the watercourse of Norsälven, another river flowing to Vänern, redd counting and alevin sampling is done to estimate the size of spawning stocks and genetic condition of brown trout population. Dna analyses in both tasks are done in the University of Helsinki.
Both main rivers are regulated by hydroelectric power stations owned by Fortum AB.

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