Structure prediction of hybrid nanoparticles via artificial intelligence (HNP-AI) (HNP-AI)

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Funder's project number315549

Funds granted by main funder (€)

  • 458 214,00

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Project start date01/01/2018

Project end date31/12/2022


This project aims at new scientific breakthroughs in the area of computational research of nanomaterials, specifically developing newopen-source AI-based algorithms and software for reliable structural predictions of ambiently stable hybrid metal nanoparticles in the size range up to a few nanometers in diameter, and analyzing correlations in the experimental and computational nanoparticles'structure-property data. The improved understanding of nanoparticles' structure-property relationships and of the initial structures that dominate their nucleation mechanisms in solution helps to design more stable, functional nanoparticles for various applications. The new software can be used in other areas of nanomaterials research for improved structure prediction and structure-property research.The project is a collaboration between Academy Prof. Hannu Häkkinen at the Jyväskylä University (JYU) Nanoscience Center and
Prof. Tommi Kärkkäinen at the IT Faculty of JYU.

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