Social and Economic Sustainability of Future Worklife: Policies, Equalities and Intersectionalities in Finland (WEALL)/2 (WeAll)

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Funder's project number: 314168 HY

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  • 853 376,00

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Project start date: 01/01/2018

Project end date: 30/04/2021


The WeAll project’s objective is to offer scientific knowledge on how the changing work and non-work relationship affects expectations and creates new challenges to the renewal of basic services and benefit schemes as regards working life in urban and rural contexts of Finland. We aim to provide new knowledge and practical suggestions to the development of the basic services and benefit schemes specifically concerning care responsibilities, flexible arrangements in employment, employability of diverse people in different contexts, and effective policies to promote equality and inclusiveness of current and future worklife. Our objective is also to develop models how the stakeholders can be involved in the defining of the problems on (in)equality and finding of solutions. Our participatory approach and ongoing dialogue with the stakeholders will offer new kind of solutions on basic services and benefit schemes on worklife.

We focus on structural causes for inequalities in the blurring work/non-work relationship and aim to:
• Study organizations and corporate life to add social and economic sustainability, inclusiveness and wellbeing

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