European SLP's for continous professional development an lifelong learning (E-SLP)


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Hankkeen aloituspäivämäärä: 01.01.2018

Hankkeen päättymispäivämäärä: 31.12.2020


This project is about forward looking, forward thinking and forward acting with regard to the integration of flexible and scalable SLPs in universities and in higher education systems. It starts with identifying the concept and position of SLPs in higher education, analyzing European, national and institutional policies and looking for a consensus on SLPs as a structure responding to the needs in society. It investigates how institutions take this forward in policies, strategies and funding/business models within the context of national frameworks. It will inspire and raise the capacity of universities with patterns of good practices with regard to pedagogies, technologies and organisational support. It will create an expert pool to enlarge this capacity by in situ seminars for leaders and teaching staff (CPD). It will develop guidelines for collaborative curricula and mobility in order to increase the scale and impact of SLPs internationally. It will stimulate the public demand for SLPs by companies and learners by a joint portal. Throughout the project, an advisory group with main stakeholders (students, universities, employers and employees, governments) will point to all policy implications, using the Roma-technique, ending with a set of recommendations for policy makers at the institutional, national and European level.

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