The common past, different points of view. Bibliometric and qualitative study on the historiography of the common history of Sweden and Finland, ca. 1860 - 2020

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Project start date: 01/01/2018

Project end date: 31/12/2021


Neither in Sweden nor in Finland there is not many studies executed concerning the historiography of the common history of Sweden and Finland. How was it created, what have been the methods and what are the themes in both countries? Which kinds of themes and time periods have been neglected or even completely ignored? What issues are most on display, what themes significant? Why? How can the differences (if any) be explained, and also the similarities between the Swedish and Finnish history? What about how countries refer to the historical studies in another country? Are there visible national differences?

By contrast to the previous studies, the project combines the "traditional" historical methods and the bibliometrics. Digitalization and huge databases open new ways to analyze huge data sources effectively. Normally, bibliometrics has been used as a tool for evaluation, but in this project, above all, as a data collection tool. It is also quite extraordinary that we are studying two national states and a large discipline as a whole. The results of the investigation will be, we believe, creates significant scientific and societal importance. The project is apparently the first at the Humanities internationally, with the systematic utilization of bibliographic records and bibliometrics combined with qualitative-hermeneutic approach.

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