Theory and practice of learning to be a citizen: Experiences from Tanzania and Uganda (CS-LEARN)

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Project start date: 01/03/2018

Project end date: 31/08/2022


While it is widely agreed that transformative development to achieve a better functioning society requires competent citizens able to organize in civil society spaces, less is known about the complexities of everyday definitions of good citizen and the processes of learning to be a citizen. The proposed 4-year research project scrutinizes the theories, practices and experiences of learning to be a citizen in civil society and in a wide variety of civil society organizations (CSOs) with case studies in Tanzania and Uganda. PI Tiina Kontinen leads a consortium Theory and practice of learning in civil society (CS-LEARN) that combines research groups from the Universities of Jyväskylä and Oulu with complementary expertise in development research and educational philosophy, partnering with Makerere University, Uganda and the University of Dodoma, Tanzania. The project investigates the complexities of definitions of “good citizen” and processes of learning to be a citizen in a) educational theories; b) CSO agendas and practices; and c) everyday experiences in selected communities. Project combines methods of conceptual reconstruction, ethnography, and critical action research, and aim to develop a theory of learning to be a citizen on the basis of contextualized perceptions and participatory learning trajectories.

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