AIF OY Allied ICT Finland University of Jyväskylä (AIFJY)

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Funder's project number: 1987/31/2018

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  • 129 500,00

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Project start date: 01/04/2018

Project end date: 31/03/2020


Allied ICT Finland (AIF) is a national program expediting high-value smart partnerships that
leverage ICT research to deliver joint company business cases to international markets. AIF
is intended as a new agile joint-forces growth engine and catalyst to identify and create
differentiating and scalable products, services and businesses to global markets in our future
hyper-connected societies.
Top-line target of AIF is to accelerate the utilization of highest value research knowledge and
discoveries (KETs – Key Enabling Technologies) for creation and commercialization in
wireless, knowledge and data intensive smart products and solutions - the core research and
development competencies of Finnish ICT Hubs.
Top-level AIF objectives for the entire life-cycle are:
● Reboot the Finnish ICT industry with a new collaborative model and runway to
● Revitalize and re-use ICT expertise and assets in adjacent industries in a new and
agile manner.
● Create and build long-term leverage from assets, knowledge and partnerships for
highly competitive ICT-driven co-creation growth networks.
● Develop new growth business opportunities and product areas for Finnish
companies utilizing our technology strengths, solutions knowledge, smart partnering,
new business models and international connections to create new channels to
Top-level AIF objectives lead to one goal: Value measured by Revenue
through joint company-research projects and ecosystems!
Targeted objectives for this project:
1. NETWORK ECONOMY AS GROWTH VEHICLE: Reboot the Finnish ICT industry with a
deep collaborative model that enable multiple new runways to digitalizing markets.
and re-use ICT assets rapidly in adjacent industries utilizing cross-architectural
collaboration and KETs.
3. LONG-TERM ROADMAPPED JOINT INVESTMENTS: Create long-term leverage from
PPP (public-private-partnership) assets, knowledge and partnerships, able to appeal
customers, and create market pull for Finnish ICT partners.
4. SOLUTION COMBINATIONS: Accelerate development of new growth business
opportunities and product areas for Finnish companies by intelligently mixing and
matching our KETs, technology strengths and cross-domain solution knowledge.

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