Intelligibility, comprehensibility and accentedness of English spoken by Finnish-speaking and Swedish-speaking Finns (ICASEF)

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Funder's project number: 315980

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Project start date: 01/09/2018

Project end date: 31/10/2021


This empirical study sets out to investigate intelligibility, comprehensibility, and accentedness of English spoken by Finnish- and Swedish-speaking Finns. The project is conceptualized at the juncture of the fields of applied linguistics, second language phonology, and phonetics, drawing on the tradition of accent and intelligibility research. The study will produce knowledge about English pronunciation by Finns, which is much needed for the development of pronunciation pedagogy and assessment, and the design of a foreign language speaking test which will be implemented to the matriculation examination in near future. The study serves an underlying goal of English pronunciation teaching reform. Due to the unique research setting with two language groups and yet otherwise similar backgrounds, scientific breakthroughs with regard to the effect of mother tongue on the perception of accented speech are possible.

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