Transforming the Political Animal: Rationality, Choice, and the Common Good 1250-1600 (TRAP)

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Project start date: 01/03/2018

Project end date: 31/08/2022


TRAP analyses the psychological, metaphysical, and ethical dimensions of the concept of ‘political animal’ in medieval and renaissance philosophy. The research focuses on this concept in the intellectual framework that was used to explain the origins of political community and human sociability, thereby elucidating premodern political philosophy from a novel perspective. TRAP provides a philosophical analysis of three interrelated topics that define this notion: (a) rationality and the ability to use language as necessary conditions for political life and constituents of the difference between social and political spheres; (b) the role of voluntary choice in explanations of social life; (c) the role of the common good and collaboration in discussions concerning the political animal. The project pays a special attention to commentaries on Aristotle’s Politics, and charts the philosophical transformations that brought about a new way of understanding the political nature of human beings.

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