What’s in the App? Digitally-mediated communication within contemporary multilingual families across time and space (WhatsInApp)

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Project start date: 01/09/2018

Project end date: 31/08/2022


Finland in the digital and global era is a technical-dense society and charaterized by multilingual and multicultural dynamic flows of migration. The use of new technologies within families provides opportunities for, not only to mediate communication between members living in the same household, but family members can also maintain kinship roles and relationships with non-residential or extended family members across time and space. By focusing on three speech communities of different size and charateristics - the Finland-Swedish, the Russian, and the Finnish-Polish - the project respond to questions such as: What are the digitally mediated communication practices that can be identified within a family context? How are the digitally mediated language practices related to time and space, to ethnolinguistic and societal communities and to family member configurations? The current study presents new methodologies for capturing the multilingual language use across spoken, textual, and visual modalities and investigates how these language practices intersect with family relationship formation and dynamic kinship processes. This will lead to new understandings of multilingualism in contemporary families and societies and particularly the opportunities and affordances new technology offer children and parents in constructing new, mobile and multilingual identities, relationships, and kinships. (draft of abstract)

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