Preparing for a Long-Term Joint EU-Africa Research and Innovation Partnership on Renewable Energy (PRE-LEAP-RE)

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Project start date: 01/07/2018

Project end date: 30/10/2019


Africa is still poor in energy supply even if impressively endowed by energy resources. The continent is expected to become more and more energy demanding due to its growing population and economy both claiming access to reliable, clean and affordable energy services. Therefore, Africa cannot lose momentum to exploit the potential coming from renewable energies alternatives to unleash local development,
One effective way to support this transformative path is the empowering of local research and innovation by relaying on international cooperation.
This approach is the pillar of the CSA which will create the condition to transform education and research into effective innovation, tailored to the specific and diverse needs, capacity and aspiration of the African people and society. By adopting the theoretical framework of the Theory of Change the CSA is specifically focus on three assets.
• A mapping of past and current initiatives will be elaborated, opening synergies with on going activities in order to identify research and capacity needs avoiding duplication of efforts.
• Technological and social innovation pathways designed in compliance with the Knowledge Triangle Approach. Beside the core focus on Technology, the pathways will be Comprehensive of the essential elements for long term sustainability like business models, capacity building, financial scheme, regulatory framework. The pathways will be complemented by a Human and Institutional Capacity Building programme and by the proper organisational and funding principles for the governance of the forthcoming Joint Programme.
• Based on the quality and the relevance of the Research Pathways, the CSA will bring together a Multi-Stakeholder Group designed according to the Quadruple Helix Approach where Research, Policy, Private Sector and Civil Society meet and will create consensus and commitment for a number of Funding Entities experienced in the development and implementation of different RE initiatives.
The CSA will set the bases for the Joint Programme: raise funds, create a community of stakeholders and increase the impact of research and innovation in the field of renewable energy. This will emphasize the additional and unique value of the joint scientific AU-EU cooperation to both local and global prosperity.

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