Nuclear Theory for Fundamental Physics

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Funder's project number: 318043

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  • 534 047,00

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Project start date: 01/09/2018

Project end date: 31/08/2022


The project aims at development of modern many-body approaches and
their applications to description of fundamental processes involving
atomic nuclei. The development work of the project team concentrates on
(1) novel energy-density functionals intended for beyond-mean-field
symmetry-restored description of ground and excited states
of nuclei across the whole nuclear chart in unprecedented accuracy, and
(2) calculation-efficient microscopic iterative linear-response and
no-core-configuration-interaction schemes rooted in nuclear density
functional theory. This enables efficient calculation of detailed nuclear
properties in large configuration spaces.

The developed many-body schemes will be accompanied by assessment
of predictive power and model error estimates and they are
partly validated by the measurements done at the Jyväskylä accelerator
laboratory (JYFL-ACCLAB). The implementation is boosted by the participation
of the research team in the large-scale computationally-oriented NUCLEI
SCIDAC project in the USA. The validated theoretical schemes are, in turn,
(i) For opening new vistas to the quantitative interpretation of the
experimental results obtained at the JYFL-ACCLAB in nuclear spectroscopy,
nuclear Q-value measurements and nuclear decays of astrophysical relevance.
(ii) For interpreting measurements of nuclear muon-capture rates and
charge-exchange reactions at RCNP (Research Center for Nuclear Physics) in
Osaka, Japan.
(iii) For cutting-edge applications to nuclear astrophysics
(iv) For neutrino- and dark-matter-related problems of fundamental physics,
sheding light on neutrino properties, basic features of weak interactions
and sensitivities of neutrino- and dark-matter telescopes from new
perspectives, thus contributing strongly to neutrino and dark-matter physics
and to the physics beyond the Standard Model.

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