Theoretical tools for rare nuclear decays and dark matter searches

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Project start date01/09/2018

Project end date28/02/2022


Neutrinoless double beta decay (0νββ) and detection of dark matter (DM) are presently two of the most important challenges in fundamental physics, and, if detected will revolutionize our understanding of physics. The observation of 0νββ-decay would be a breakthrough in the description of elementary particles and would provide fundamental information on the neutrino masses, their nature, and origin. A complimentary way to study neutrino properties is by investigating single beta decay, which for medium and heavy mass nuclei is itself one of the unsolved problems in nuclear structure today. Furthermore, the study of nuclear structure presents an important way to explore DM, a necessary ingredient in present models of the universe. However, neither the composition nor the origin of DM has been yet identified. The research focuses on the development of a more refined theory of double and single beta decay and dark matter, with the expectation of significant scientific and societal impact.

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Profiling areaAccelerator and Subatomic Physics (University of Jyväskylä JYU)

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