(No) space for feminism? Gender and postfeminist sensibilities in male-dominated organizations

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Project start date: 01/09/2018

Project end date: 31/08/2021


This study explores the construction of gender, inequality and feminism within the Finnish game industry. Data for this study consists of Finnish media texts and interviews within the industry. I approach gender from discourse analytic perspective with the aims to investigate 1) how gender is ‘done’, 2) how gender (in)equality is understood, and 3) how the feminist stance is and can be spoken about and constructed, in the game industry. I draw on postfeminism as a critical concept to answering these questions. The empirical contribution of my project is to advance the empirical understanding of postfeminism and its effects in male-dominated organizational fields in the novel game industry setting. As a theoretical contribution to critical analyses of postfeminism, I provide a conceptualization of postfeminism at the intersections of technologially oriented, male-dominated culture, and the gender-neutral and gender-equalitarian Finnish society.

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