Erasmus KA131 Mobility project of students and staff (KA131 21-23)

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  • 252 065,00

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Project start date: 01/09/2021

Project end date: 31/10/2023


Project supports all types of Erasmus mobilities of JYU in all fields: student mobility for studies (SMS), student mobility for work placements (SMP), teaching visits (STA), staff training visits (STT), Blended intensive programmes (BIP) and blended short-term mobilities between Erasmus programme countries and - as a new element - also from Erasmus programme countries to some partner countries. Mobillities are based on subject-specific inter-institutional agreements. In addition to mobility grants, Erasmus KA131 funding includes also organisational funding (€400 per mobility). The project period is 26 months and universities are allowed to apply for additional funding during the grant period. Erasmus mobility funding is of crucial importance to the international student and staff mobility of JYU, because typically over 60% of all student mobility and over 50% of all staff mobility has been supported with Erasmus funding .

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