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Recent progress and challenges facing ballast water treatment : A review (2022)

Sayinli, B., Dong, Y., Park, Y., Bhatnagar, A., & Sillanpää, M. (2022). Recent progress and challenges facing ballast water treatment : A review. Chemosphere, 291(2), Article 132776. https://doi.org/10.1016/j.chemosphere.2021.132776

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All authors or editorsSayinli, Burcu; Dong, Yujiao; Park, Yuri; Bhatnagar, Amit; Sillanpää, Mika

Journal or seriesChemosphere



Publication year2022


Issue number2

Article number132776


Publication countryUnited Kingdom

Publication languageEnglish


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The transoceanic movement of non-indigenous microorganisms and organic and inorganic contaminants through the transfer of ballast water of ocean-going vessels can be considered highly likely. The introduction of contaminants and non-indigenous microorganisms can cause changes in indigenous microorganisms, marine species, and biota, which can create problems for the ecology, economy, environment, and human health. This paper compiles and presents ballast water treatment system concepts, principles of inactivation mechanisms used, and the advantages and challenges of the treatment technologies. In addition, the paper aims to draw attention to the relationship between various organisms and the individual mechanism to be inactivated, including the effect of external factors (e.g., pH, salinity, turbidity) on inactivation efficiency. This review can assist in the choice of a suitable ballast water treatment system, taking into account the water conditions (e.g., pH, temperature, salinity) and indigenous species of the maritime areas where the ships intend to operate. This review also provides information describing the responses of the various organisms to different treatment techniques.

Keywordsballast waterintroduced speciesharmful substancesmonitoringsampling (inspection)water treatmentdisinfection

Free keywordsBallast water treatment; Inactivation of microorganisms

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