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Towards low-energy-light-driven bistable photoswitches : ortho-fluoroaminoazobenzenes (2022)

Kuntze, K., Viljakka, J., Titov, E., Ahmed, Z., Kalenius, E., Saalfrank, P., & Priimagi, A. (2022). Towards low-energy-light-driven bistable photoswitches : ortho-fluoroaminoazobenzenes. Photochemical and Photobiological Sciences, 21(2), 159-173. https://doi.org/10.1007/s43630-021-00145-4

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All authors or editorsKuntze, Kim; Viljakka, Jani; Titov, Evgenii; Ahmed, Zafar; Kalenius, Elina; Saalfrank, Peter; Priimagi, Arri

Journal or seriesPhotochemical and Photobiological Sciences



Publication year2022

Publication date10/12/2021


Issue number2

Pages range159-173


Publication countryGermany

Publication languageEnglish


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Thermally stable photoswitches that are driven with low-energy light are rare, yet crucial for extending the applicability of photoresponsive molecules and materials towards, e.g., living systems. Combined ortho-fluorination and -amination couples high visible light absorptivity of o-aminoazobenzenes with the extraordinary bistability of o-fluoroazobenzenes. Herein, we report a library of easily accessible o-aminofluoroazobenzenes and establish structure–property relationships regarding spectral qualities, visible light isomerization efficiency and thermal stability of the cis-isomer with respect to the degree of o-substitution and choice of amino substituent. We rationalize the experimental results with quantum chemical calculations, revealing the nature of low-lying excited states and providing insight into thermal isomerization. The synthesized azobenzenes absorb at up to 600 nm and their thermal cis-lifetimes range from milliseconds to months. The most unique example can be driven from trans to cis with any wavelength from UV up to 595 nm, while still exhibiting a thermal cis-lifetime of 81 days.

Keywordsphotochemistryaromatic compoundsfluorine

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