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Meta-analysis (2022)

Hagger, M. (2022). Meta-analysis. International Review of Sport and Exercise Psychology, 15(1), 120-151. https://doi.org/10.1080/1750984x.2021.1966824

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All authors or editorsHagger, Martin

Journal or seriesInternational Review of Sport and Exercise Psychology



Publication year2022

Publication date18/01/2022


Issue number1

Pages range120-151


Publication countryUnited Kingdom

Publication languageEnglish


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The sheer volume of available research and shifts toward evidence-based practice has led researchers and practitioners in sport and exercise psychology to rely increasingly on meta-analyses to summarize current knowledge, provide future research directions, and inform policy and practice. These issues highlight the imperative of precision and integrity in the conduct of meta-analyses in the discipline. This review provides a summary of meta-analytic methods relevant to sport and exercise psychology, identifies important issues and advances in meta-analytic methods, and provides best practice guidelines for meta-analysts to consider when synthesizing research in the discipline. In Part I, I provide an overview of the basic principles of meta-analysis and direct readers to accessible, non-technical treatments of the topic. In Part II, I introduce several key issues in meta-analysis and summarize the latest advances in each: effective assessment of heterogeneity; testing for moderators; dealing with dependency; evaluating publication bias and tracking down ‘fugitive literature’; and assessing sample size in meta-analysis. I also cover two emerging topics: testing theories using meta-analysis and open science and transparency practices in meta-analysis. I conclude the discussion of each issue by providing best practice guidelines, and refer the reader to further accessible texts to augment knowledge and understanding.

Keywordssport psychologymethodologymeta-analysissynthesisstructural equation modelsscience publishingopen science

Free keywordsresearch synthesis; publication bias; multi-level meta-analysis; meta-analytic structural equation modeling; open science

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