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Disagreement, Points of View, and Truth-Relativism (2022)

Hautamäki, A. (2022). Disagreement, Points of View, and Truth-Relativism. Acta Analytica : International Periodical for Philosophy in the Analytical Tradition, 37(4), 531-550. https://doi.org/10.1007/s12136-021-00504-x

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All authors or editorsHautamäki, Antti

Journal or seriesActa Analytica : International Periodical for Philosophy in the Analytical Tradition



Publication year2022

Publication date16/02/2022


Issue number4

Pages range531-550

PublisherSpringer Science and Business Media LLC

Publication countryNetherlands

Publication languageEnglish


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Truth-relativism is the claim that the truth of statements is dependent on the context in which they are made. In this article, truth-relativism is considered as a way to explain disagreements. Viewpoint relativism, a recent version of truth-relativism, is introduced as a useful framework to analyse how truth-relativism approaches disagreements. Viewpoint relativism is based on contextual semantics and the logic of viewpoint, which is a two-dimensional modal logic. In viewpoint relativism, the central concept is a point of view in relation to which truth claims are evaluated. Viewpoint relativism is compared to the truth-relativism of Peter Lasersohn and John MacFarlane. Finally, truth-relativism is defended against the critique of Paul Boghossian that it represents untenable ‘replacement relativism’.

Keywordstruthpoint of viewopinionscontextrelativismrelativitytheories of truthphilosophy

Free keywordsdisagreement; points of view; truth-relativism; viewpoint relativism

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