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Lisääkö työn intensiivistyminen työn imua? : tuloksia intensiivistymisen ilmenemismuodoista erilaisilla ammattialoilla (2022)
Do intensified job demands increase work engagement? : findings from different occupational fields and by forms and levels of intensification

Mauno, S., Minkkinen, J., Feldt, T., & Herttalampi, M. (2022). Lisääkö työn intensiivistyminen työn imua? : tuloksia intensiivistymisen ilmenemismuodoista erilaisilla ammattialoilla. Työelämän tutkimus, 20(1), 30-60. https://doi.org/10.37455/tt.99318

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All authors or editorsMauno, Saija; Minkkinen, Jaana; Feldt, Taru; Herttalampi, Mari

Journal or seriesTyöelämän tutkimus



Publication year2022


Issue number1

Pages range30-60

PublisherTyöelämän tutkimusyhdistys ry

Publication countryFinland

Publication languageFinnish


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This study investigated the associations between different forms of intensified job demands and work engagement in a sample consisting of nine occupational fields (N = 7,786). The results of the survey study were analysed by regression analysis, which was carried out in each occupational field. Based on these findings, the associations between intensification and work engagement differed depending on the type and level of intensification, and partially depending on the occupational field. Experiences of accelerated working pace were related to lower work engagement in almost all the occupational fields. In addition, increased learning demands at work associated with higher work engagement among some of the occupational fields. However, work engagement was found to be highest when learning demands were at a moderate level, whereas both very high and very low learning demands associated with low work engagement. Taken together, the results show that intensified job demands are not solely straining. Rather, certain types of intensification in certain occupational fields can also have positive consequences.

Keywordsworking lifework engagementwork burdendemandsstress (biological phenomena)well-being at workoccupational psychology

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